Range and Flexibility Exercises - Free!

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I designed his FREE (!) document to help my private students who have range issues.  I believe that a student's true range is the highest note that they can reach starting from the bottom notes of the trumpet.  Range and Flexibility is designed to help the student improve their range in a very gradual, easy to play fashion.  Here are the instructions from the first page:

Play these lines with one measure rest in between each slur. You may either rest for two beats or four.
If you are short on time, play with no rests. Try breathing through your nose during the rests and
maintaining your embouchure set for the duriation of each exercise.
Practice each line tongued first. When all measures of the line have been mastered with no strain or tension,
they may always be slurred from that point on.
Write the date above the furthest measure that you can play slurred with a free sound and no tension.
You may attempt as many lines as you want, but do not play higher than you can with a free, centered tone
more than once or twice.
Let you shoulders, arms and hands be relaxed.
Play these slowly at first. Once a line is mastered, experiment with tempos and repeats. On the 2nd line
of each set for example, try seeing hown many times you can repeat each slur in one breath.
Another good variation is to put a fermata on the highest notes of the 2nd lines of the set.
Keep your air fast and smooth. Try not to let you air react to your fingers. You should play with energy
from note to note.
All slurs must be played in one breath! Play longer slurs faster to accomplish this.
All notes should be natural notes at first. Once these are mastered, you can play them in any key!

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