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The Count of Truro  This solo from the collection Scenes from the Cape is named for my brother’s most famous Muppet character, Count Von Count, from Sesame Street.  This piece is meant to be a processional, so it should be performed in a slow march style.  An intermediate version of this solo is also available. 

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Scenes from the Cape is dedicated to my brother Jerry Nelson, who passed away in August, 2012.  Jerry was a puppeteer with the Muppets, a singer, songwriter, philosopher and ninja wannabe.  His talent was immense as was his love for many varied musical genres.   My brother also took to Cape Cod in Massachusetts like a boomerang fish takes to Lew Zealand.  I have tried to capture the feelings and images of the Cape in these solos.

Scenes from the Cape was born out of a desire to create a quality source of solo literature for the developing musician that is both educational and fun to play.  This solos from this collection are intended to be a standard resource for private instructors and band directors alike. 

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The Count of Truro Resources  You can listen to a recording of the trumpet version of this solo on the MRNS Music YouTube Channel or click here: Count of Truro

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