10 More Days of Sightreading for Full Band

$ 30.00

This book is a sequel to 40 Days of Sightreading and it is intended to assist more advanced bands (specifically those who read Texas UIL Level IV sightreading) by presenting 6/8 time, Cut time and the key of Concert Ab.

Basic Information:

  • There are 10 pages of etudes with 4 etudes on each page.
  • This is a unison method, so each instrument has the same etude.
  • The first three pages are in the key of Ab Concert only. After that there is one etude in each of the following keys: Bb, F, Eb and Ab.
  • The fourth etudes (.4’s) are more challenging and often abandon the criteria mentioned below. These are designed to push your students, and make the other lines seem easy. 
  • The etudes are not always in the same key order. I tried to mix it up to keep the students on their toes.
  • There is also a rhythm sheet containing all the included rhythms.
  • A score is not included. Just use a student’s part.

Criteria Used:

  • 8 measures
  • Time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, Cut time, 6/8
  • Concert Keys: F, Bb, Eb, Ab
  • Note and rest values used:
    • Most rhythmic variations including 16ths and 16ths in 6/8 time
  • Markings used:
    • Ties, slurs, dynamics, accidentals, rit. and fermatas
  • Style markings used:
    • Staccato, legato (tenuto,) accent and marcato

You will receive files for every instrument in your concert band, including bells. Each instrument will have 10 pages of tunefully prepared (well, most of them!) etudes that utilize many of the rhythms that are used in region, and U.I.L. competitions.  The fourth etude on each page is what I used to call S.O.P. lines, or “Sightreading of Pain!”  These are very difficult lines that are designed to push your students and to provide challenges for your top players. These make great lines for fun competitions during your rehearsals. These etudes often make no musical sense so that the kids really have to think.

In this MRNS Digital Download you will receive:

  1. A detailed description of the contents plus suggestions of ways to use the etudes.
  2. A rhythm sheet utilizing the rhythms used in the method.
  3. 10 pages per instrument containing 40 etudes designed to improve your students' reading skills.

Need to purchase with a school district PO or personal check?  Email Marty Nelson at martyenelson@gmail.com.

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