40 Days of Sightreading for Saxophones

$ 12.95

This Digital Download contains all the saxophone lines from the full band method: Alto, Tenor and Bari.  This would be a great resource for private teachers to use during their lessons.

The purpose of the book is to help your students prepare for auditions and contests by providing a daily dose of etudes that are much like they would see in an audition. There are four 8-measure etudes per day for 40 days. That’s 160 unison etudes that will help your student to become a better reader, which as you know will make your band better!

You will receive files for every instrument in your concert band, including bells. (No snare at this time.) Each instrument will have 40 pages of tunefully prepared (well, most of them!) etudes that utilize many of the rhythms that are used in district and region-type auditions.  In addition, each page will have one etude in the concert keys of Bb, F and Eb. The fourth etude on each page is what I used to call S.O.P. lines, or “Sightreading of Pain!”  These are very difficult lines that are designed to push your students and to provide challenges for your top players. These make great lines for fun competitions during your rehearsals. These etudes often make no musical sense so that the kids really have to think.

In this MRNS Digital Download you will receive:

  1. A detailed description of the contents plus suggestions of ways to use the etudes.
  2. A spreadsheet outlining what musical elements each line contains.
  3. A rhythm sheet utilizing all the rhythms used in the method.
  4. A full score.
  5. 40 pages per instrument containing 160 etudes designed to improve your students' reading skills.


Criteria used:

  • 8 measures
  • Time signatures 4/4, 3/4, 2/4.
  • Concert Keys: F, Bb, Eb
  • Note values used:
      • Whole, half, dotted half, quarter and eighth.
      • Dotted quarter-eighth, eighth-quarter-eighth, eighth- two sixteenths, eighth note triplets.
  • Rest values used:
      • Whole, half, quarter and eighth.
  • Markings used:
      • Ties, slurs, dynamics, accidentals.
  • Style markings used:
      • Staccato, legato and accent.


This is the “book” I always wanted to write for my kids but just didn’t have the time. There is no doubt in my mind that your students will be better readers after using these materials. 

 Need to purchase with a school district PO or personal check?  Email Marty Nelson at martyenelson@gmail.com.

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