Supplemental Exercises for the Trumpet Section

$ 50.00

Supplemental Exercises for the Trumpet Section (S.E.T.S.) contains warm ups and exercises designed to be used in your trumpet sectionals.  This book covers materials that your trumpeters may not be getting in their full band warm up.  SETS will help your trumpet section continue the pace of improvement that they made in their beginner year.

Materials include:

* Long Tones

* Lip Bends

* Lip Slurs

* Flow Study

* Tuning Exercises

* Technique Pages 

* Single Tonguing Exercises

* Double Tonguing Exercises

* 12 Major Scales

* Chromatic Scale

* Fingering Chart

* Range and Flexibility Exercises

These are all materials that I have used with my trumpeters over the years.  I think that you will find them extremely helpful in developing your 2nd and 3rd year players. - Marty Nelson

Supplemental Exercises for the Trumpet Section  is a digital download.  It will be sent to your email address upon payment.  The price for SETS gives you permission to print for as many students as needed as often as you like.  These rights only apply to the campus that they were purchased for.

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