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The purpose of this book is to fill in the gaps left by most band method books used in instrumental music classes. This is not intended to be a “stand alone” method, but rather the bulk of what needs to be covered in a beginner band class for students to function independently on instrument specific repertoire and in a performing band situation. The band method book is then used as a supplement to this book, which is more detailed and offers a systematic approach to teaching embouchure, instrument range, alternate fingerings and the correct use of those fingerings, rhythmic reading, and scales. This method of teaching is more chromatic than diatonic based and allows for more in depth study of the tendencies of the individual instruments, embouchure for various ranges, and specific fingering uses.

Anyone who teaches beginning band will most likely have a system in place and this book is intended to fit into that system, not to take the place of it. This book explains in detail how to use this information; however, the time-frame will vary from program to program depending on how often the beginner classes are seen and on the pace of each class. A good rule of thumb is to move on when most of the class is understanding and can perform a concept. Everything in this book is sequential but is also cumulative so the students will be using all the information constantly throughout the process. It is recommended that you plan a variety of ways to test knowledge including playing demonstrations, written tests, and aural or verbal explanations from the students. As with any method, this is not a magic fix, but is practical information that does make the difference at the end of the beginning year. This information will also be valuable to you as a director when diagnosing problems in your older students.

This book is set up by instrument, so you will have everything at your fingertips if you are teaching in a homogeneous setting. If you are teaching in a heterogeneous setting, you will still have everything displayed in the same order for each instrument, making it easy to locate the information that you seek. Each section will contain information on breathing, embouchure, tone production, articulation, method of use, and exercises used.

Each Student Book Includes Over 70 Pages of Material:

13 Music Theory Worksheets

17 Rhythm Pages

30+ Instrument Specific Instructional Pages

9 Scale Pattern Pages (Tetrachords, Arpeggios, Scales in Thirds, and more)

A detailed fingering chart with explanations for alternate fingerings, tuning adjustments, etc.

Note: The student books are only sold as a digital download.  All pages will be sent as PDF's so that the directors can distribute the materials however they please.  

Instrument Specific Instruction

Each book is individually created to cover comprehensive instrument specific instruction for woodwind and brass instruments

These books are designed for homogeneous beginner band instruction, private lessons, band sectionals, home practicing assignments, and more

Instrument specific breathing, embouchure, tone production, articulation, instrument range, alternate fingerings, and technique are covered

Teacher's Edition Book

All pages from the student book are included, surrounded by teacher information

Additional photographs

Teaching pedagogy, scope and sequence information

Instrument troubleshooting

What to look for as students play

What to listen for as students play

Recommended exercise variations

Assessment suggestions

Additional pages on teaching instrument assembly, instrument care, posture, and hand position

Want to see more sample pages for the Musical Mastery books?  Preview books are posted in the About section of the Musical Mastery website:

Pricing Information

STUDENT BOOK: $60 (each individual instrument book)
Once purchased, the Student Book will be licensed and assigned to YOUR CAMPUS. This allows you to copy, print, and distribute this material to your students for a one-time purchase cost of $60.  Think of this as an unlimited class set.  You'll also be on our e-mail list and will receive free updates!  

STUDENT BOOK FULL SET: $550 (all 10 instrument books)
Once purchased, all 10 Student Books will be licensed and assigned to YOUR CAMPUS.  This allows you to copy, print, and distribute this material to your students for a one-time purchase cost of $550.  This is essentially a buy 8 get 2 free deal.  

 Think of this as an unlimited class set of all the handouts and materials you'll need for your beginners.  You'll also be on our e-mail list and will receive free updates!  

TEACHER'S EDITION: $105 (Woodwinds or Brass)
The Teacher's Edition: Woodwind (Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, Clarinet, Saxophone) or Brass (Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba) is available as a 220 page full color, coil bound, hard-copy book.  This is only $20 per instrument! Once purchased, the book(s) will be shipped to you in the mail.  This price includes printing, tax, shipping, and handling.

Need to purchase with a PO?  Check the vendor list and then contact Marty Nelson for an Invoice.

*All purchased Student Books are class sets meant to be used and distributed for your campus only.

The PDF Student Book is a document that we believe will prove most effective if you view and/or print in color. If this is not possible, the document will also print in grayscale.

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