Plange Cantelui si Tarantella Solo for Clarinet and Piano

$ 6.95

The Count's Lament and Tarantella is a solo for Bb Clarinet and Piano from the collection Scenes from the Cape.  This collection is dedicated to my brother, Jerry Nelson, who was a musician and puppeteer with the Muppets. 

This MRNS Music Digital Download will include the Clarinet and Piano parts, plus a brief description of the solo.  The entire collection may also be purchased as a 2 book set (solo and piano books.) 

Audio recordings of the trumpet solo version are available on the MRNS Music Channel on YouTube.

Description:  The collection Scenes from the Cape concludes with a very challenging solo inspired once again by my brother’s Jerry Nelson's character, Count Von Count.  “The Count’s Lament and Tarrantella” begins with a somewhat mournful but jazzy theme, which gives way to a fast dance with a lot of finger technique.  This solo also features a cadenza.  This should be fun for the advanced student to play.  

Dr. Andrea Harrell served as a consultant on the clarinet solos in this collection.

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