Provincetown Rock Solo for Trombone and Piano

$ 6.95

Provincetown Rock is a solo for Trombone and Piano from the collection Scenes from the Cape.  This collection is dedicated to my brother, Jerry Nelson, who was a musician and puppeteer with the Muppets. 

This MRNS Music Digital Download will include the Trombone and Piano parts, a brief description of the solo, a SmartMusic accompaniment file, and an MP3 accompaniment file. 

An audio recording of the trumpet version of this solo is available on the MRNS Music Channel on YouTube.

Description:  I wanted to create a solo to teach double tonguing and thought that a rock style piece would be a fun way to do that.   Most of the possible double tongue variations are present in a range that makes them easy to play.  This solo start off in F minor then moves to Bb minor near the end.

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