Tahoma March

$ 50.00

Tahoma is the original name for Mt. Rainier in the state of Washington.

This purchase includes PDF's of all aprts and the score.

Here is a SoundCloud recording that was created with Finale software.  You band will sound much better!! Click HERE.

Performance Notes and Suggestions

Tahoma March is meant to be performed with a light, bouncy style throughout.  I have tried to be very specific about note lengths throughout the piece.  If a note does not have an articulation mark it is intended to be performed full value with a firm start.  The staccatos should be played lightly with a “long lift.” Especially in the low brass descending 8th notes in the first strain and the quarter notes seen at the trio and last strain.

* The staccato on only the first note of the eighth-quarter-eighth patterns is by design.  I hear that second 8th as being a full value note leading into the next beat.

*I added some cues to the solo parts in the trio for flexibility.  The solo could be played as a soli with other instruments that were given that part. The counter melody was imagined for the horn only, but this line could also be combined with other instruments or played as a solo by euphonium or tenor sax as needed.

*Have any other instrumentation needs?  Just email Marty Nelson at martyenelson@gmail.com 

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