The 24th Groove

$ 40.00

The 24th Groove for Concert Band by Marty Nelson 

The 24th Groove would be a fun and jazzy addition to any concert. This easy swing tune features all the sections of the band and includes a solo section for your star musicians. The 24th Groove is a guaranteed crowd pleaser!

The 24th Groove is sold only as a digital download.

The following SoundCloud recording was created with Finale notation software.  Your students will sound much better! Listen to the 24th Groove HERE.

Performance Notes and Suggestions
  • Every student part has three 8 measure solos that can be played during the solo section. This includes a mallet part for all the percussionists.
  • The solo section has cues for most of the band so that the director can mix and match for different backgrounds depending on the soloist.
  • The tempo is listed as 144, but the piece will work just fine at a slower or faster tempo.
  • The students’ parts have indications about where to stand or sit when they are featured. 
  • At the beginning of the song most of the students are instructed to clap on beats 2 or 4.
  • The students may continue clapping until they enter for their feature.
  • A cool way to introduce the 5 different elements (including drum parts) of the groove would be to have a student or section play each element alone prior to the performance of the piece.
  • Have a student that is skilled at improvising? Let them play their own solo during the solo section.
  • Feature a staff member or an entire section on the solo sections.

 The 24th Groove had it's world premier with the T.M.E.A. Region 24 Middle School Symphonic Band on November 10, 2018.

Want to purchase with a school check or PO?  Just mail Marty Nelson and we will set it up.  

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