Playlists For Band! Coming soon!

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200 + songs to the first year and beyond.  Coming soon!! (This can't be purchased on this website yet, but we are taking PO's and various booster payments...)

All books will be available through this site May 1.  MRNS is accepting PO's and booster payments now via

200 + Songs

For the first year and beyond.  There are songs and features that could be used in the 7th and 8th grades.

The approach to rhythm is very sequential and in depth.

Interval recognition is a big part of PFB.

When key signatures are introduced PFB makes liberal use of cortesy accidentals.

PFB is flexible. You can start with Playlists One, Two, three or even Four.

20 Duets for all instruments.

Bonus playlists to teach dynamics, style and tempo. Plus a “Marking Your Music” page.

Rhythm Rocker pages are referenced throughout PFB.

Fingering chart courtesy of Musical Mastery! Fingerings are not placed throughout PFB to train the students to use the fingering chart.

The clarinet book has extra lower note pages so that classes that cross the break later in life can continue moving forward.

There are “oboe class pages” for the first 14 pages that start of in the key of F.  Those pages are also a part of the “full band” pages.

The bassoon book mirrors the oboe class pages so that they can be reading and saying the same note names.

The horns have three separate books!  Trumpet range, low full band and high full band pages.  Ask me why, cause there is no enough room here!

The mallet book is separate and changes octaves half way through to work on reading the full range of the instruments.

The price upon release will be $500.

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